Open Water Students  can earn their Peak  Performance Buoyancy - Certification on this trip. 

The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course improves the buoyancy skills you learn on your checkout dives and elevates them to the next level. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn your first Specialty Certification.

We believe in this training so much that we are offering $20 off Tuition for our Florida Springs Divers

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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 All Divers Must watch this video. Please watch this video before our meet and greet


Florida Springs Logistics

Monday April 3rd  at 6:00 pm we will have a logistics meeting at the dive shop.
​ At this meeting we will provide all of the details for the trip.

Please print and read the logistics for our trip. We will cover the logistics in detail at our Meet and Greet Meeting.

Logistics: Click Here

 Required Waivers for our Florida Springs .

Waivers need to be printed (2 sided) on 1 piece of paper and brought with you to the meet and greet meeting. Each Person must complete a waiver including Non Divers. Please note that some locations have a separate waiver for Minors. Most forms require a Witness signature. We will Witness all forms. 

Waiver # 1:  Ginnie Springs
Adult Waiver: Click Here

Minor Waiver: Click Here (For Divers Under age 18)

Waiver # 2: Blue Grotto

Adult Waiver: Click Here

Minor Waiver: Click Here (For Divers Under age 18)

Waiver # 3: Devils Den
 Waiver: Click Here

Waiver #4: Carolina Dive Center Liability Release

Waiver: Click Here

Student Course Completion Form.

Students completing checkout dives need to print and sign this Course Completion Form.

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