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 Welcome Groupon
"Be Adventurous.Be Amazed.Be A Diver"

Captain Jim, Paul, and the Staff at Carolina Dive Center are looking forward to introducing you to the underwater world.
Our staff at Carolina Dive Center will provide you a safe, comprehensive, and fun training program.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE CAREFULLY. We want you to fully understand the SCUBA training program. We recommend to all of our new students that they earn both their Scuba Open Water and Boat Diver Training certifications as part of their learning to scuba dive program.

Our experience has shown that the extra training we do as part of the Boat Training certification, will greatly enhance your skills and enjoyment; and what the heck we are including it in this Living Social Deal. Scuba Diving is fun and easy, we wanted to make sure you know all the details. So here is a lot of information to make sure you're fully prepared.

Please feel free to call us at (919) 341-2787. The Dive Shop is open from Saturdays 10-5 pm, Sundays 1 -5 pm, Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm. Here is our Class Schedule.

Click Here :To Email Us your Preferred Class Start Dates. Please Include Your top 3 choices and your 8 digit groupon redemption code.

What is included in your Scuba Certification.

  • Your Student Kit (study materials, log book pages, and other fun stuff)Smile
  • Your choice of eLearning or 3 class room training sessions for Open Water Diver Certification
  • 3 Pool training sessions
  • 1 class room training session for Boat Dive Certification
  • 2 days of check ot dives (the final step to earning the Open Waer scuba certification). You have several options for completing them - See options below.
  • $50 towards your Mask, Fins, Dive Boots, and Snorkel Set. (Personal Snorkell Euipment)
  • Use of all Scuba Equpment (BCD, Regulator, Weights, Tanks, and wetsuits) for pool training and check out dives.
  • Awarding of the Open Water Diver and Boat Diver Certification cards, upon successful completion of all training components.
  • Lots of fun and a chance to meet new friends and fellow divers

What is not included:

  • Personal snorkeling equipment. We believe you need best-fit equipment for this, so we included $50 towards your Mask, Fins, Boots, and snorkel set. You must purchase all four items to receive $50 credit. No other discounts apply.
  • Transportation costs or admission fees for your check-out dives. You have several options for your check out dives. After all we want to make this as fun and easy as possible.

    Option 1: 2 days of check out dives in our local quarry: admission fees to our local rock quarries currently running $20 per day. With this option you will earn your Open Water Diver Certification. Come back anytime and dive with us on one Carolina Coast boat charter and you will also earn your Boat Diver Certification. Our Carolina Coast boat dives cost about $90.

    Option 2: 1 day of check out dives in our local quarry followed by one Carolina Coast boat charter. With this option you will earn both your Open Water Diver and Boat Diver Certifications. Cost: $20 Quarry admission fee and Carolina Coast boat dive about $90.

    Option 3 : We offer check-out dives on our group trips to warmer waters of the Caribbean or Florida, but you would be expected to pay your own transport, lodging, etc. With this option you will earn both your Open Water Diver and Boat Diver Certifications. Check out our trips page. You can complete your check out dives on any of these trips.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I earn my Open Water Certification without the Boat Diving Certification? Yes you can. If you complete the training dives with option 1 you will have earned your lifetime Open Water Certification.


Are There Age Restrictions For Classes? Open Water Certification can be earned by youth 10 years or older. There is no upper age restriction for adults.


Are There Restrictions For Medical Conditions? There are some medical conditions that unfortunately may mean you cannot participate in SCUBA. To learn more about scuba and medical conditions we recommend you visit the Divers Alert Network (DAN) web site.
For Medical and Health related questions please Click Here For DAN


Is there a difference between the eLearning versus Class Room part of the training? No there is not. You will earn the same Open Water Diver certification. You should pick the option that best fits your schedule.

Once you've enrolled in the course,
then the following rules apply:

  • You must attend each of the 7 sessions of your scuba class in order. Missing/Rescheduling a class may require a make-up session, for which we will charge $45.
  • You must schedule your check-out dives as soon as possible after you complete your pool training. We will require an additional refresher pool session for anyone who schedules their check-out dives more that 60 days after they complete their pool training.
  • And one last thing: There is ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND for any un-used portion of the Groupon. Groupon will issue you a refund if you have to drop the course before you start, due to medical reasons.

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Please call us at (919) 341-2787 and check out this video.




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"Be Adventurous.Be Amazed.Be A Diver"