Lets Get Started. First we would like to welcome you to the Grave Yard of the Atlantic !!!!'
The Carolina Coast is one of the best locations in the world for Wreck Diving

Step 1: Complete your PADI Wreck Diver Knowledge Review Workbook

You should have purchased the PADI Wreck Diver Crew Pack at the Dive Shop. The Crew Pack includes your Wreck Diver Manual and Dvd. Read the Chapters in your Manual and complete the Knowledge Reviews at the end of Manual. Your Instructor will review them with you after they are completed.

Step 2  Complete four North Carolina wreck dives.

Sign up for two North Carolina Wreck Dive Charters. A complete list of diver charters is listed on our Charters Page. To sign up please call us at (919) 341-2787

Required Gear:

The following personal safety gear is required for your wreck dives. Please stop by shop and let us help you select the best choices. Can you imagine being 90 feet underwater and having your wreck reel get tangled or jammed. We call this "Bird Nesting".

- Two cutting devices (Knife and Scissors)

- Wreck Reel

- Primary and Secondary Flash lights

- Alternate Air Supply (Pony Bottle). You can rent this for your dives.
- SMB (Safety Sausage)

- Sounding device Whistle or Dive Alert Horn (We strongly recommend the dive alert horn).