We offer weeknight and weekend scuba classes that start every month.
These classes have a set schedule

"Be Adventurous, Be Amazed, Be A Diver"

We have new open water scuba classes starting on:

Start Date

 Knowledge Development
E1903WNWednesday February 27theLearning
1903SATSaturday March 2ndClassroom
E1903SATSaturday March 2ndeLearning
1904WNTuesday March 26thClassroom
E1904WNWednesday March 27theLearning
1904SATSaturday March 30thClassroom
E1904SATSaturday March 30theLearning
1905WNTuesday April 23rdClassroom
E1905WNWednesday April 24theLearning
1905SATSaturday April 27thClassroom
E1905SATSaturday April 27theLearning
1906WNTuesday May 28thClassroom
E1906WNWednesday May 29theLearning
1906SATSaturday June 1stClassroom
E1906SATSaturday June 1steLearning
1907WNTuesday June 25thClassroom
E1907WNWednesday June 26theLearning
1907SATSaturday June 29thClassroom
E1907SATSaturday June 29theLearning

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"Be Adventurous.Be Amazed.Be A DIVER"