Required Equipment:

- Dive slate and pencil to record your observations.

Recommended Equipment:

- Reef Fish Behavior: Florida Caribbean Bahamas - 2nd Edition

Tuition: $99 + PADI Underwater Naturalist Workbook $39

Other Related Education Materials:

Project Aware 10 Ways You Can Protect Our Marine Environment:  Click Here

Our World Our Water Manual Click Here  this is a large pdf (30mb).

In the  PADI  Underwater Naturalist Specialty course and you’ll see new things. Why? Because when know more about symbioses, underwater ecology, and aquatic plant and animal habitats, you notice behaviors and see creatures you may have previously missed.

​Through class discussions and on two scuba dives, you’ll learn:

- Key differences between the terrestrial and aquatic worlds.
- Major aquatic life groupings, interactions and information that dispels myths.
- Responsible interactions with aquatic life.