Specialty of the Month Program.
Each month we will offer a **Specialty of the Month** continuing education class at 10% off the course price.
These certification classes will help make you a better diver.

All certifications counts towards your MASTER DIVER Rating.

Call us at (919) 341-2787 to enroll in your class


Improve Your Skills Class

Class Dates

PAWR11WreckSaturday  November 10th
Charleston Tug
PADRY11DrySuit DiverSaturday November 17th
PAOW11Advanced Open Water
Specialty of the Month Save 10%
Saturday November  24th
Fantasy Lake

PAWR12WreckSaturday December 1st Hyde
PADP12DeepSaturday December 1st Hyde
PAOW12Advanced Open WaterSaturday December 1st Hyde

Drysuit Diver

Specialty of the Month Save 10%

Saturday December 8th

January 2019
PADRY01Drysuit DiverSaturday January 5th
EFR01Emergency First Response & CPRSaturday January 12th

Equipment Specialist

Specialty of the Month Save 10%

Saturday & Sunday January 26th & 27th
PAPPB01Peak Performance BuoyancyMonday January 21st - Florida Springs

February 2019
PADRY02Drysuit Diver
Specialty of the Month Save 10%
Saturday February 16th
PAEQ02Equipment SpecialistSaturday and Sunday February 16th & 17th

Improve your Skills

Are you ready to taste the fun and adventure of diving.  Improving you skills will prepare you for your next diving adventure. 
Exploring and Adventure awaits you.

-  Dive on a  sunken German Submarine off the Carolina Coast.

-  Drift Dive the Coral Canyons of Cozumel Mexico

-  Search for Prehistoric Megaladon Shark Teeth off the Carolina Coast

-  Night Dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

Our  Class Schedules are customized to meet your needs.