Improve your Skills

Are you ready to taste the fun and adventure of diving.  Improving you skills will prepare you for your next diving adventure. 
Exploring and Adventure awaits you.

-  Dive on a  sunken German Submarine off the Carolina Coast.

-  Drift Dive the Coral Canyons of Cozumel Mexico

-  Search for Prehistoric Megaladon Shark Teeth off the Carolina Coast

-  Night Dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

Our  Class Schedules are customized to meet your needs.

Specialty of the Month Program.
Each month we will offer a **Specialty of the Month** continuing education class at 10% off the course price.
These certification classes will help make you a better diver.

All certifications counts towards your MASTER DIVER Rating.

Call us at (919) 341-2787 to enroll in your class


Improve Your Skills Class

2017 Dates

September 2017


Night Diver - Limited Visibility

Specialty of the Month 10% off

Saturday September 30th   - Fantasy Lake 6:30 pm
Advanced Open Diver
Sunday September 30th - Fantasy Lake 

October 2017

Deep Diver
Specialty of the Month 10% off
Saturday October 7th - City of Houston
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Sunday October 15th - Fantasy Lake
Wreck Diver
Sunday October 22nd and
1 other charter of your choice

November 2017

Dry Suit Diver

Specialty of the Month 10% off

Saturday November 18th

Search and Recovery
Sunday November 19th

January 2018

Emergency First Response - CPR
Saturday January 6th 1:30 pm
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Monday January 15th - Florida Springs
Equipment Specialist
Specialty of the Month 10% off
Saturday January 20th 1:30 pm and
Sunday January 21st 1:30 pm

February 2018

Emergency First Response - CPR
Specialty of the Month 10% off
Saturday February  10th 1:30 pm
Equipment Specialist
Saturday February  17th and
Sunday February 18th 1:30 pm