Charter refund policy

North/South Carolina Dive Charters

As divers we are fortunate to have some of the world’s best wreck diving off the North/South Carolina coast. The Carolina Dive Center staff is proud of our reputation for offering a wide variety of dive charters. Whether you are an advanced diver or getting ready to participate in your first ocean dive, our personalized service and attention to detail will provide you a fun diving experience.

We work closely with our dive boat operators, to provide the best possible selection of dive charters. Our diver charters are typically sold out months in advance. SO BOOK YOUR CHARTERS EARLY!!!!. We do understand that sometimes a scheduling conflict may arise. Therefore, we have the following Refund and Cancellation Policy for all our North/South Carolina Dive Charters. In addition specific trips may be subject to additional refund/cancellation restrictions that supersede those detailed here.

When. you book your Charter a $50 per person deposit is required. The day of the charter, we will charge your credit card for remaining balance of the charter cost. 

Receipt of customer deposit will signify acceptance of the terms and conditions described below.   
North Carolina and South Carolina  Coastal Charters
Up to 14 days prior to departure: Full refund is given.

14 days prior to departure: Dive Charter is NON REFUNDABLE and you are responsible for full payment of the charter balance.

 We will attempt to rebook your reservation with another diver. If we are able to rebook your spot on the charter,  you will receive a full refund.

To reduce credit card processing fees and help keep down the price of charters, we will issue you a store credit for your charter refunds.

These store credits NEVER expire and can be used for future charters or anything else in the dive shop. This is common practice for North Carolina Dive Charters. We also have the option to issue you a refund via bank check if requested. 

Other Things To Know:

We cannot guarantee sea conditions or visibility.  We will make every effort to get you to the chosen site, however the boat captain has the right to change the destination or the number of dives for the safety of the passengers and vessel.  If an alternative dive site is chosen, divers will be prorated to the destination.  Divers who fail to dive due to seasickness or other causes (no show, equipment issues, etc) are responsible for the cost of the charter.  There is no charge if we must cancel for any reason, such as weather conditions. 

Cancellations are not accepted over email or voice mail- they must be done with Carolina Dive Center staff over the phone.

Fuel Charges: We are working with our boat charter companies to keep costs as low as possible. The largest expense for a dive charter is fuel. With the unpredictability of fuel costs a small fuel surcharge may be necessary if prices continue to rise. If needed the fuel surcharge will be collected upon departure. THANK YOU for your understanding.