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 Departure Times:  
Please arrive at boat 30 minutes prior to departure.
Departure time are sometimes changed, please check with us the day before dive charter.

Charter Refund Policy:  Read More 

 Diver Experience Level:  

LE - Less Experienced : Open Water Certified with less than 10 North/South Carolina boat dives. Divers can earn their Advanced Open Water  Certification or Wreck Specialty Certification on these trips.  

I - Intermediate:   Must have Advanced Open Water or Deep specialty certifications (or equivalent dive experience) and at least 2 previously logged dives deeper than 80 feet offshore North Carolina in the past year. Divers are strongly encouraged to dive Nitrox. Divers can complete their Advanced Open Water, Deep or Wreck specialty training on these trips. Students completing one of these specialties will dive with one of our instructors.  Divers are required to dive Nitrox.

E - Experienced: Due to conditions, these trips are for experienced North Carolina Divers only. Must have Deep and Wreck specialties (or equivalent dive experience), at least 50 logged dives, and at least 4 previously logged dives deeper than 100 feet offshore North Carolina in the past year. Divers are required to dive Nitrox AND carry alternate airsource.

Remember to Bring Your Dive Certification Card With You: Some of our dive charter operators are now collecting your certification card when you board the boat. Your card is then returned when we return to dock. Some of our operators will not let you dive if you forget to bring your certification card. Thanks for understanding

​​To sign up for charter call us at 919-341-2787

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Our 2022 Dive Charters are available for booking.
Sunday May 22nd - Charleston Tug - Sign Up On Line Click Here
​Saturday May 28th - Ed's Lobster Wreck -
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Sunday May 29th - Hyde --
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