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Specialty Classes Schedule

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Continuing Education 

Class Dates

April 2021
PADRY04DrysuitSaturday April 10th 
PACPR04Emergency First Aid & CPR

Wednesday April14th

5:00 -9:00 pm

PAPPB04Peak Performance BouyancySaturday April 17th 
Fantasy Lake
PADFF04Full Face MaskSaturday April 24th

May 2021
PAOW05Advanced Open Water

Saturday May 1st

Fantasy Lake


Saturday May 8th (Normania) &

Sunday May 9th (Hyde)

PAPPB0502Peak Performance Bouyancy

Saturday May 22nd

Fantasy Lake

PABT05Boat DiverSunday May 23rd - Charleston Tug
PAOW05Advanced Open Water

Saturday May 29th

Fantasy Lake

PASR05Scuba RescueSaturday & Sunday May 29th & 30th
Fantasy Lake
PA0205Emergency Oxygen ProviderSunday May 30th (with Rescue Diver)

Saturday May 29th (Ed's Lobster Wreck) &

Sunday May 30th (Hyde)

PASRD05Self Reliant DiverSaturday May 22nd Fantasy Lake

June 2021

Classroom: June 2nd & 3rd 6:00 pm

Fantasy Lake: Saturday June 6th

Hebe/BP25: Saturday June 12th

PAFF06Full Face Mask`Saturday June 6th Fantasy Lake
PAPPB06Peak Performance BouyancyThursday June 10th Fantasy Lake
PAWR061WreckSunday June 13th Charleston Tug
PABT06Boat DiverSunday June 13th Charleston Tug
PACPR06Emergency First Aid & CPRWednesday June 13th
5:00 -9:00 pm

PAOW06Advanced Open WaterSaturday June 19th Fantasy Lake
PAWR062WreckWednesday June 23rd (Markum & Hyde)

Underwater Navigation

with a Night Dive

Friday June 25th Fantasy Lake 5;30 pm
PAOW062Advanced Open Water

Wednesday June 30th 9:00 am

Fantasy Lake

Take A Day Off From Work !!!!!

July 2021
PAOW07Advanced Open WaterSaturday July 3rd Fantasy Lake
PASR07Scuba Rescue

Saturday & Sunday July 3rd & 4th

Fantasy Lake

PA0207Emergency Oxygen ProviderSunday July 4th (With Rescue Diver)
PADP07Deep DiverSaturday July 10th City of Houston 
PAWR07Wreck DiverSunday July 11th on the Hyde
PANI07Night DiverTuesday July 13th on the Hyde

Underwater Navigation

with a Night Dive

Friday July 16th Fantasy Lake 5:30 pm
PASR07Search & Recovery

Saturday & Sunday July 17th & 18th 

Fantasy Lake

PAOW07Advanced Open WaterSunday July 18th Fantasy Lake

PADI Aware Shark Conservation

Includes 2 dives on the Hyde

Monday July 19th - Hyde
PAUWP07Underwater PhotographyMonday July 19th - Hyde
PADB07DBMSSaturday July 24th Fantasy Lake
PABT07Boat DiverSunday July 25th - Charleston Tug

August 2021
PAWR08Wreck DiverSunday August 1st - Hyde
PAPPB08Peak Performance BouyancyThursday August 5th 5:00 pm
Fantasy Lake
PADP08DeepSaturday August 7th (Carib Sea) &
Sunday August 8th (U352)
PAUW08Underwater PhotographyWednesday August 10th - Hyde
PAOW08Advanced Open WaterSaturday August 21st Fantasy Lake

September 2021

PAOW09Advanced Open WaterSaturday September 4th Fantasy Lake
PASR09Scuba RescueSaturday & Sunday September 4th & 5th
Fantasy Lake
PAO209Emergency Oxygen ProviderSunday September 5th (With Rescue Diver)

October 2021
PAWR10WreckSaturday October 2nd (JD Gill & Hyde)
PADP10Deep Saturday October 9th (Schurz) &
Sunday October 10th (Spar)

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# of
# of
Recommended Dive Sites
Advanced Open Water52

3 Dives @ Fantasy Lake and

1 Carolina Coast Dive Charter > 70 Feet
i.e Hyde

Boat Diver21Charleston Tug or Hyde
Deep422 Carolina Coast Dive Charters > 70 Feet.
i.e Hyde, Normania, Hebe, BP25
DrySuit21Fantasy Lake
Emergency Oxygen Provider01N/a
Usually Taught with Rescue Diver
Equipment Specialist02N/A
Full Face Mask21Fantasy Lake or Carolina Coast Dive Charters 
Night Diver31Fantasy Lake
Peak Performance Buoyancy21Fantasy Lake
Rescue Diver
22 Days  at Fantasy Lake
Search & Recovery42Fantasy Lake
Self Reliant Diver (Solo Diver)31Fantasy Lake
Tec 4042Customized
Underwater Navigation31Fantasy Lake
Underwater Photography21Carolina Coast Dive Charters
Wreck422 Carolina Coast Dive Charters
i.e Hyde, Charleston Tug, Hebe, Normania

Continue Learning

Are you ready to taste the fun and adventure of diving.  Improving you skills will prepare you for your next diving adventure. 
Exploring and Adventure awaits you.

-  Dive on a  sunken German Submarine off the Carolina Coast.

-  Drift Dive the Coral Canyons of Cozumel Mexico

-  Search for Prehistoric Megaladon Shark Teeth off the Carolina Coast

-  Night Dive on the Great Barrier Reef.​​