Weekly rental rates are available for dive vacations

Scuba Gear Rental​

Regulator and Spare Octo with Dive Computer Console. $28.00 per day

Buoyancy Compensator Weight Integrated:  $20.00 per day

Wetsuits: $16.00 per day with Bouyancy Compensator and Regulator Rental.    $25 per day for all others.

19 cuft  Pony Bottle with Regulator: $30 per day

Wrist Computer: $25 per day - available for Carolina Dive Center charters only

Full Face Masks: $50 per day

Dry Suits​: $125 per day

Tank Fills 

Tank fill program every 10th fill is free. Our Computer automatically tracks your tank fills.

Air:    $9.00 per tank
Nitrox:  $13.00 per tank (up to 36%)

Tank Rental.

Aluminum 80 - with Air fill    $10.00 per day
Aluminum 80 - with Nitrox fill    $15.50 per day
Steel tanks (77's, 95's, 100 or 120) - with Nitrox fill    $19.50 per day

Speargun Rentals

36" Speargun   $30 per day

48 " Speargun  $35 per day