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​​After you complete your eLearning academics, it is time to start the Practical Part  (Part II) of  your Scuba Lessons.

Customized Part II of your Scuba Lessons is required for: 

a) 10 or 11 years old students. PADI Quality and Safety standards require all 10- and 11-year-olds be enrolled in a Customized Scuba Class for Part II of their certification. 10 and 11 year olds attend Part II of their lessons in classes with smaller teacher-to-student ratios and shallower depth limits.  Also, to ensure that young divers don’t exceed their limits, the Open Water certification comes with restrictions. Divers aged 10 and 11 years old must dive with a PADI Professional or a certified parent or guardian, and dives cannot exceed 12 meters (40 feet).

b) Students who need class dates that do not align with our regularly schedules classes.
We will work with you to customize the schedule to meet your scheduling needs. Customized classes may have other students.


Your Customized Practical Training Includes:

Orientation - This is the kickoff of Part II of your  Scuba lessons. At the orientation webinar we review all the details for your scuba lessons, meet the other students, and review important scuba concepts. 

Confined Water/Pool Dives - This is where you learn how to dive. During the confined water sessions you will learn how to use Scuba Equipment and perform the various underwater Scuba skills.  We will work out a schedule with you for the pool sessions.

Open Water Checkout Dives - There are four required check out dives conducted over two days. During check out dives you will use the scuba skills you learned in the pool in an open water environment. We will schedule your checkout dives during your scuba lessons.

You have several options for your check out dives. After all we want to make this as fun and easy as possible.

Option 1:  2 days of check out dives in our local quarry: admission fees to our local rock quarries currently running $25 per person day. With this option you will earn your Open Water Diver Certification.

Option 2:  1 day of check out dives in our local quarry followed by one two tank Carolina Coast boat charter. With this option you will earn your Open Water Diver Certification and get practical training diving in the Ocean from a boat. You are responsible for the boat charter fee.

Option 3 :  We offer check-out dives on our group trips to warmer waters of the Caribbean or Florida, but you would be expected to pay your own transport, lodging, etc. 

Option 4: A Referral to any PADI Dive Shop so you can complete your checkout dives on vacation. Please note that the Dive Shop you are going to will have an additional fee for checkout dives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Included In Your Customized Part II  Open Water Certification Class.

           - PADI Open Water Log Book

  • - SCUBA Orientation Class
  • - 2 Confined Water/Pool Training Sessions 
  • - Use of All SCUBA equipment use for PART II of your Open Water course
  • - 2 days of open water check out dives (the final step to earning the Open Water scuba certification). 
  • - Certification processing including your Open Water Certification Card
  • - Student discounts on purchase of mask, fins, snorkel, and boots
  • - Lots of fun and a chance to meet new friends and fellow divers

​​​Tuition is $501.03  for :  Part II of your scuba lessons (includes PADI Log Book and state sales tax).